Thursday, August 8, 2013

ArtFire Bloggers Guild Update and a bit of Fun

This time I want to make sure to get the updates out more often for everyone :)

August is here and we are off to a GREAT start.
I would like to first do some Birthday shout outs:
August 3rd Jennifer of AZ Desert Creations on ArtFire had a Birthday.
August 23rd Angela of thecrochetcubby on ArtFire will have a Birthday.

What happened on the 1st day of August? Well take a look and see:
Dawn shared with us a blog post about Improving her studio and I know that is something that we all need to do on a regular bases. I know I do any how. lol You can find her post here:  Gunilla shared that for a limited time she will be offering her hand painted pendants just the pendants. You can read about it here:  Christie shared Thursday thoughts with us and you can read about it here:  Michelle shared her latest post about her new product line of embroidered ornaments and baby items. You can read more here:  Linda B would like to get some opinions on a new product line she may add to her studio on artfire. You can give your feedback and read about it here:

Melissa shared on our facebook group page her new:

Catnip Squid Shaped Cat Toys Set of 2 with All Natural Catnip

What happened on the 2nd day of August? Well lets have a look:
Gunilla shared the name for her new pendant. Introducing Rising from the Depths you can read all about it here:  Catherine posted her Fabulous Friday Finds #2. I am not sure how she is able to find the great items in her posts for this series but boy does she. Great gift ideas from amazing artists and you can check it out here:  Nat shared some wonderful collections that have her work included as well as some other amazing ArtFire Artists and you can see it all here:

What happened on the 3rd day of August? Well lets have a look:
Happy Birthday Jennifer of AZ Desert Creations.

What happened on the 4th day of August? Well lets have a look:
Christie shared with us her Sunday post called Sunday Spiritual - Cab Ride. This is a very touching post that I know I enjoyed greatly. You can read it here:  Gunilla shared with us Serene Sunset. In this post she is sharing with us her newest hand painted pendant. You can read about it and see it here:
Debbie shared one of her new creations on our FaceBook group page called:

Primitive Sheep Fabric Tablet Sleeve for iPad Mini Kindle Nook Case

Debbie also shared:

Kitchen Dishcloths Set of Three Cotton Cleaning Cloths Red Yellow Blue

Cathy shared with us:

Crocheted Sleeveless Baby Dress

Cathy also shared:

Cranberry Quartz and Swarovski Pearl Bracelet

Jennifer Shared with us:

Motherly Love Mom Hand Stamped Necklace with Heart Charm Handmade

So what happened on the 5th day of August? Lets have a look and see:
Angela shared with us her blog post: A Few More Favs. You can read about it here:
Over on facebook Melissa shared with us:

Emerald Siam and Erinite Swarovski Crystal Shimmering Cluster Earrings

Melissa also shared with us:

Adult Drawstring Backpack Black Fabric with Skull Print

Linda shared with us:

Jewish Wine Charms Set #2 - 6 wine charms

What happened on the 6th day of August? Lets have a look and see:
Linda shared with us:

Women's Wire Beaded Kippah - Green Wire & Green Glass Beads

Angela shared with us:

Crocheted Granny Square Tissue Box Cover

What happened on the 7th day of August? Lets take a look and see:
Gunilla shared with us her new blog post introducing her new pendant titled On the Fly you can read all about it here:  Catherine shared with us her new Blog post Magnificent Mexican Jumping Beans. A great read and interesting facts about the Mexican Jumping Beans you can read all about it here:  Linda shared with us her new post August Birthstone - Peridot. Wonderful information about a beautiful birthstone and you can read all about it here:
Over on facebook:
Laura shared with us:

Santa Checking His Listing Merry Christmas Hand Made Card

Laura also shared with us:

Checking His List Santa Hand Stamped Gift Tag or Party Favor Tags Set

Debbie shared with us:

Hand Knit Hot Pad Sunset Orange Raspberry Yellow Cotton Kitchen Trivet

Debbie shared with us:

Pamela shared with us:

Minimalist Design Copper Wire and Tumbled Stone Necklace Leather Cord

Melissa shared with us she is having a giveaway over on her facebook page: 
She is giving away a pair of earrings. Pop over and enter to win them. :)
Jennifer is having a giveaway for a pair of earrings on her facebook page as well: 
Pop over and enter to win them :)

Well everyone stay tuned for the next update to see what else is going on this month and to take a look at some new amazing finds.

ArtFire Bloggers Guild


  1. This is great. Thanks for the work you put into this and for including my work.

  2. Thanks so much for the update. I'd like to ask you a question. With all the pages you manage, creating art, taking care of a family, and home schooling your son do YOU EVER SLEEP????


    1. Ann :)

      To be honest the answer is not much LOL :)

  3. Absolutely fantastic items you shared!! Thank you for taking the time to write this post :)

  4. Thanks for sharing all of the information on the comings and goings of the guild.

  5. You've done a great job with this update! Thank you!

  6. What a fantastic update! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

  7. What an incredible job you have done, Jennifer! We owe you so much for putting so much effort into establishing this guild. I have not begun to use all the facilities you have provided for us, and I must find time to do that.

    We appreciate you so much! But of course, we will continue to depend on you. It just seems to work that way ;)

  8. Thanks for all the hard work you put in!

  9. Great job. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to post this update. Sharing now!

  10. Thanks for the update!


  11. You are Amazing!!! The way you keep up with all that is incredible!!
    Great update!!

  12. Fantastic, Jennifer!! This is off to a great start - appreciate all the work you put into this guild. Amazing finds and blog posts to all! Thank you for your hard work. Julie and Blu

  13. Great update! Your hard work keeping all of us up to date is very much appreciated.

  14. Thank you, Jennifer! A lot of hard work went into this update! It is greatly appreciated!

  15. Fabulous update Jennifer and happy belated birthday!

  16. Thanks for this compilation of our Guild activities on the Artfire forum, facebook page, and individual blogs. I see I have missed a couple!